Brief Introduction

Background and Context
The primary goal of this mapping exercise is to gain deeper knowledge of civil society in Mon State, to help LRC
determine opportunities for training, mentoring, coaching, and advocacy related activities to build civil society
capacity, and the policy environment for civil society to operate.
The key research questions are:
• What is the landscape of civil society organizations (CSOs) operating in Mon state?
• What are the technical capacities of CSOs operating in Mon state?
• What regional government policies and practices help or hinder CSOs in doing their work?
• What is the scope of CSO beneficiaries (e.g. women, youth, and ethnic groups) and what may be barriers
to participation for excluded groups?
While the project mapped civil society as broadly defined, LRC are specifically interested in civil society
initiatives related to advocacy and legal reform, human rights, and support for women and children.
The study includes civil society recommendations based on these research question. However, the research is
descriptive in nature and does not seek to explain the landscape of civil society. It is not exclusively actionoriented,
in that it maps elements without the expressed interest in changing them, though LRC expect to be
able to implement programs based on the results.
The findings should also be useful for other humanitarian and/or development organisations who seek
partnerships, collaborations, opportunities for expansion, and/or who want to avoid duplicating existing
The results of this study can be used:
• As a template for other mapping work, which may be implemented in other regions of Myanmar.
• To explore opportunities for new partnerships and discussions.
• To strengthen research capacity of CSO leaders.
• To strengthen relationships among CSOs.
• To demonstrate the existence of a diverse and active civil society.
The study was conducted between November 2015 and February 2016. It represents the responses and views
of over 100 civil society representatives. However, this is just a sample of civil society in Mon State – a snapshot in time.