Brief Introduction

Local civil society organizations (CSOs) play a crucial role in Myanmar transition to democracy. The role of civil society becomes phenomenally important in the world nowadays to act as effective advocates for substantial improvement of the transparency and accountability of the government at all levels while taking a medium role between the government and the public to hear the voices of the community as well as to facilitate public debates and consultation processes in transition. Civil society organizations can also help the government mitigate the tensions between high expectations of general public and limitation of the government’s ability and they organize and engage with the government including advocating for better more responsive policies. In this way, elected government can promote their credibility and the constituencies can feel confident in their elected politicians. In other words, democratic government can play its role effectively in partnership with civil society organizations. At present, there are so many challenges to be on this track in Myanmar. CSOs itself need to build their capacity to support effectively to the government’s transition to democracy agenda. Currently local CSOs lack the resources, skills and experience to be more effective advocates. Thus, “Promoting, Equitable, Accountable Civic Engagement in Myanmar (PEACE Project)” is designed to fill the gaps of CSOs in five selected project areas by LRC with the support of experienced and skillful international organizations like HELVETAS and PTF. This project intervention can play a critical role in assisting CSOs in rising to this challenge and playing as full a role as possible for the enhancement of Civil Society Organisations’ participation in Myanmar’s public policies and programmes as a pre-condition for a more equitable, open and democratic society.

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