Objectives of the project

Overall objective:To contribute to local Civil Society Organization’s participation and influence in the planning, implementation and review of development projects, services delivery and policies at national and sub-national levels for more inclusive and equitable development in Myanmar.

Specific objective:Enhance resources and strengthen capacities of local CSOs’ for an empowered and accountable civil society in Myanmar that embraces diversity, promotes social inclusiveness, accountability, transparency and civic responsibility.

Primary stakeholders

Umbrella networks, CSOs working in development or humanitarian relief, and public/private service providers including local authorities, parliamentarians, academia, media – at least 1000 local CSO organizations and approximately 9000 individuals from different sectors and institutions at national and regional levels.

Ultimately, citizen groups and recipients of public/private services in urban and rural areas; of which overall 50% are women and at least 25% are disadvantaged; overall 45,000 final beneficiaries.

Estimated results

Result 1. The Local Resource Centre (LRC), a local CSO umbrella network is strengthened as an accountable, inclusive and professional service provider and coordination structure and networking enhanced among its peer networks and approximately 1000 local CSO member organizations.

Result 2. Approximately 1000 local CSOs supported in strategic initiatives promoting community engagement and responsive local governance.

Result 3. 500  local CSOs are equipped and capacitated to participate inmulti-stakeholder platforms, development projects and decision making with local authorities and public/private service providers for influencing policies and plans at national and sub-national levels.

Intervention Strategy

  1. Inorder to achieve Result 1, favouring on the job learning by doing coaching approaches, HELVETAS and PTFE.V. in their respective areas of competence will support the LRC to:
  • Review services and types of capacity building training offered to date by the LRC, and assess current and trending needs of local CSO members in all 6 LRC locatio
  • Per results and joint action plan agreements, HELVETAS and V. will support training, and follow up coaching to LRC teams and staff in identified organizational and programmatic  priority areas.

2. With the LRC better capacitated and backstopped, in

  • Train at least 50 core trainers at LRC national Yangon level (members and non-members of the LRC), who will then be coached in training of trainers of at least 250 sub- national trainees for each of the LRC’s 5 regional Center Criteria for trainers including gender and ethnic inclusion will be jointly elaborated in addition to assessments which will inform the types and levels of capacity building and subsequent coaching required from HELVETAS and PTFE.V. respectively.
  • Suppor t local CSOs to document and analyse their results, case study their good practices and lessons learnt, and to capitalize on their achievements and impacts in promoting local governance and civic engagement in their respective sectors and priority area.

3. With local CSOs equipped with skills, concrete results and evidenced based documentation of their actions, in order to achieve Result 3, The LRC,its pool of trainers and grantees will be supported by HELVETAS and PTFe.V. to lead coordinated networking, constructive advocacy, and multi-stakeholder policy dialogue at national and sub-regional levels

4.Year 1 will focus on strengthening the LRC and the group of national and regional trainers, in addition to launching the small grants mechan Year 2 will focus on operationalizing plans under the small grants mechanism. Year 3 will capitalize on experiences and intensify CSO engagement in national and sub- national multi-stakeholder platforms. Year 4 will document achievements and impacts of the action. In total the action will be implemented over 48 months.

Location and duration

Yangon and LRC Centres outreach areas in Mandalay, Lashio, Mawlamyine including parts of Kayin and Tanintharyi. The project is supported by the European Union, for 48 months starting in August 2016, with an overall budget of 2M Euro.

Consortium partners

HELVETAS Myanmaris an international non-governmental organisation that is committed to improving the living conditions of disadvantaged people in developing countries. Our vision is ajust world in which all men and women determine the course of their lives in dignity and security, using environmental resources in a sustainable manner, in the areas of skills development and education, governance and peace, rural economy, water and infrastructure, environment and  climate change, prioritizing gender and social equity, capacity building and partnership, and knowledge and advocacy.

Local Resource Center (LRC)is a national civil society organization and umbrella network with an aim to enhance resources and strengthen capacities of local CSOs’ for an empowered and accountable civil society in Myanmar that embraces diversity, promotes social inclusiveness, accountability, transparency and civic responsibility.

Partnership for Transparency Fund (PTFe.V.)is an independent civil society organization with a mission to promote good governance and constructive citizen engagement where CSOs can forge alliances with public sector institutions and officials and thus help, among other, to reduce corruption which often affects people at the lowest income levels. The aim is therefore to contribute to improved.