Brief Introduction

The primary goal of this mapping exercise is to gain
deeper knowledge of Myanmar CSOs active in Mon
State, to help LRC determine opportunities for training,
mentoring, coaching, and advocacy related activities to
build civil society capacity, and the policy environment
for civil society to operate.
LRC expects to be able to implement programs based on
the results. The findings should also be useful for other
humanitarian and/or development organisations who
seek partnerships, collaborations, opportunities for
expansion, and/or who want to avoid duplicating existing
The study was conducted between November 2015 and
February 2016. It represents the responses and views of
over 100 civil society representatives. However, this is
just a sample of civil society in Mon State – a snapshot in
This is a summary of the study findings, specifically the
results from the interviews and focus groups.
See the full report for more details on assessment
frameworks, methodology, approach, desk research
including Myanmar context and history of CSOS, further