Background of the study

The Local Resource Centre (LRC) works to catalyze change through support to civil society networks and
organizations around Myanmar with the following three objectives:
1. Ensuring local organizations and networks have access to up-to-date information about humanitarian and
development assistance, programs and procedures;
2. Promotion of Accountability and Learning;
3. Expanding an evidence base through research and enquiry to better support the development of civil
society organizations and advocate for change.
On January 17, 2012, the LRC brought together a group of 22 local civil society organizations at their offices
in Yangon, Myanmar. The civil society organizations (CSOs) represented at the meeting identified three
potential research topics of interested. In partnership with the Burnet Institute, The LRC received support
from the European Union to carry forward these civil society identified research tasks. This study is one the
identified tasks. Its purpose it to advance LRC’s vision of an accountable and empowered civil society that is
respectful of diversity and promotes civic responsibility.
The objectives of the study are:
a. To determine the scope of funding arrangements of various organizations including multi-lateral
organizations and bi-lateral organizations, INGOs and local CSOs.
b. To analyze the impact of donor policy and conditions on the development of local civil society
In order to achieve these objectives, a small team of researchers conducted semi-structured interviews with local CSOs, INGOs and representatives from ODA offices in Yangon.