Myanmar Civil Societies Core Group on ASEAN (MCSCGA) announce to apply to participate in 2019 ACSC/APF programme in Thailand.

About the ACSC/APF~~~~
The ASEAN Civil Society Conference and ASEAN Peoples’ Forum (ACSC/APF), a solidarity gathering of diverse civil society organizations (CSOs) in Southeast Asia, carries a strong mandate in representing and strengthening ASEAN peoples’ voices especially from disadvantaged and marginalized groups, to engage ASEAN member states and mechanisms, by honoring mutual respect, integrity, joint development and promoting peoples’ solidarity. It focuses on ASEAN’s commitment to its people using the principles of human rights, democracy, equality, and development. This year’s conference theme is “Empowering Peoples’ Solidarity Against All Forms of Discrimination”.

The engagement of ACSC/APF in the ASEAN process brings attention to the issues and concerns of its constituents – the working class, the peasantry, urban poor, fisherfolk, women, children, LGBT community, indigenous peoples, the older persons, persons with disabilities, employees, professionals, migrants, and students.

Application deadline is August 7, 2019.
Please see more details in the following link: